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Hosted annually by the UC Irvine Advanced Power and Energy Program for over 20 years, ICEPAG 2021 supports the annual presentation of technologies, applications, and the important role of hydrogen in smart grid and smart mobility. The 3-day hybrid virtual/in-person Colloquium will provide a valued balance of academia, industry, national laboratories, and government agencies actively engaged in the evolution of hydrogen associated with this new paradigm.

Using a virtual/in-person colloquium format, ICEPAG:

  • Combines a collection of tutorials and professional presentations.

  • Provides extended question and answer periods to facilitate discussion.

  • Presents a platform to share the interests of industry, regulators, academia, and practicing professionals.

  • In-person format will be dependent on UC Irvine COVID-19 policy.

What Makes This A Must-Attend Virtual/In-Person Event?

Comprehensive Program: ICEPAG addresses the spectrum of hydrogen generation, distribution, storage, and utilization to capture an integrated perspective of clean energy systems and the move to electrification.

Objective and Insightful: A diverse range of academic and industry presentations provides objective content and insights on the latest, cutting edge information regarding hydrogen, microgrids, smart grids, electrification, and clean mobility.

Key Stakeholder Engagement: Attendees are comprised of influential figures from academia, government, and industry with a stake in clean energy.

International Constituency: For the past 20 years ICEPAG has been a premier global forum in which clean energy leaders from around the world share and discuss their perspectives.

Who Should Attend?

The Colloquium is intended for professionals from academia, government, and industry, and students who seek a place on the cutting edge of hydrogen, microgrids, smart grids, electrification, and clean mobility.

The networking and sharing of information will be of key interest to regulators, public policy professionals, researchers, technology developers, system integrators, investors, urban planners, utilities, and other stakeholders who wish to understand the potential and challenges associated with the rapidly increasing attention to the role of hydrogen in the smart grid and smart mobility future.

Topics Include:

  • Hydrogen as a Platform for Sustainability
  • Hydrogen for On-Road Transportation (light duty and heavy duty)
  • Hydrogen and Renewable Microgrids
  • Hydrogen for Off-Road Transportation and Freight
  • Hydrogen and the Natural Gas Grid
  • Hydrogen for Power Generation and Electric Grid Support
  • Renewable and Low Carbon Hydrogen Production
  • Hydrogen Policy, Social Justice, and Economic Perspectives
  • Electrochemical Conversion Research and Development
  • Hydrogen Derivative Fuels

  • General, Sponsorship, and Registration Questions:

    William Gary
    Manager, Outreach & External Relations
    Advanced Power & Energy Program
    University of California, Irvine
    Tel: 949.824.7302 ext. 11131
    Email: wmg @

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